Significant Achievements

1.  Host Club for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Camp for two consecutive years 1993 & 1994.

2.  Rotaract Club of Tai Po: In 1995-97, our club helped set up our partner in service – Rotaract Club of Tai Po (大埔扶輪青年服務團) which was eventually chartered in September 1997.

3.  In 1996/97 under President Kenneth Wong’s year, our club won the District Boat Race in Cheung Chau and also won the Highest Attendance Award at District Conference.  We regained this highest attendance honour in 2009/10 under President Dennis Lo’s year when PP Claire Mak served as District Conference Chairlady.

4.  Host Club for District Sports Day in Rotary year 2001/02 with Claire Mak as Chairlady.  (Our club was overall club champion for three years 1999/2000, 2001/02 and 2005/06 thanks to Claire Mak for her domination in the ladies events!)

5.  Co-host Club for District Swimming Gala in Rotary year 2000/01 where our club won the overall champion as well as women’s overall champion.

6.  Interact Club of Tsung Tsin Christian Academy: In September 2007 during President Eric Mok’s year, Interact Club of Tsung Tsin Christian Academy, sponsored by our club was chartered.

7.  Rotary Club of Central: In 2008, our club led by then District Extension committee vice chair PP Kenneth Wong and advisor PP Claire Mak embarked on our mission to help establish baby club Rotary Club of Central (中區扶輪社) which was chartered in June 2009 with our former Rotaractor Fonia Wong as Charter President.

8. Many of our club members have been active in the Rotary district having served various leadership positions:

  • 1998/99 Anthony Hung as District Governor

  • 1998/99 Man Mo Leung as Assistant Governor (New Territories area)

  • 1998/99 Kenneth Wong as District Assembly Chairman

  • 2000/01 Peter Lam as District Rotaract Chairman

  • 2001/02 Peter Lam as co-chair of District Rotary Foundation Seminar

  • 2001/02 David Loie as outbound Group Study Exchange team leader to USA

  • 2003/04 Peter Lam as Assistant Governor (Area 6)

  • 2006/07 Claire Mak as District General Secretary

  • 2007/08 Claire Mak as Assistant Governor (Area 6)

  • 2007/08 Peter Lam as District Rotary Foundation Matching Grant Committee Chair-

  • 2008/09 Claire Mak as Deputy District Rotaract Chairperson

  • 2008/09 Kenneth Wong as District Assembly Chairman

  • 2008-11 Peter Lam as District Rotary Foundation District Simplified Grant Committee Chair

  • 2009-10 Claire Mak as District Conference Chairperson

  • 2009-10 Kenneth Wong as outbound Group Study Exchange team leader to Brazil

  • 2010-11 Wilson Lam as Assistant Governor (Area 6)

  • 2010-11 Kenneth Wong as Group Study Exchange Committee Chair

  • 2012-13 Kenneth Wong as District Governor

  • 2014-15 P Natalie Kwok awarded as the President of the Year

  • 2014-15 RCTP was awarded as the Club of the Year

  • 2014-15 Wilson Lam as District Conference Chairperson

  • 2015-16 Frankie Wu as Assistant Governor (Area 6)

  • 2015-16 Francis Au as District Rotaract Chairperson

Significant Achievements

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